Recent Work

These examples provide a snapshot of John’s recent work in the Administrative Court, Queens Bench Division, Chancery Division, Employment Tribunal and Coroners’ Courts

1. Administrative Law/judicial review:

1.1 Acting for claimant widow in quashing coroner’s findings and conclusion in high profile inquest implicating widow in unlawful killing of husband (click here for article).

2. Media/ Defamation:

2.1 Acting for parent seeking injunction against national media entity for online publication of photograph of his child

3. Commercial/contractual disputes:

3.1 Acting for Defendants in claim involving oral collateral contract and ”see to it” obligation: Mybarrister Ltd v Hewetson [2017] EWHC 2624 (Ch) (19 October 2017) [2018] Bus LR 752, 167 NLJ 7768

3.2 Acting for claimant broker group against lender providing insurance premium finance in proceedings for various commissions including mid-term adjustments: F Wilson Insurance Brokers Ltd v Close Brothers Limited

3.3 Acting for lessor in container leasing dispute involving subletting, title and depreciation issues

3.4 Acting for claimant to enforce finder’s fee agreement and guarantee in respect of commercial loan obtained by Defendants through claimant’s introduction to lender

3.5 Acting for lessor in vehicle fleet leasing dispute

3.6 Acting for party in shareholders’ dispute concerning disposition of telecommunications business

4. Construction:

4.1 Acting for client in dispute with building company in relation to refurbishment of substantial domestic property

5. Inquests/coronial investigations:

5.1 Acting for local authority in inquest involving death of a cyclist (click here for article).

5.2 Acting for widow of an English national killed in a high profile hit-and-run incident in the Ukraine in second inquest following successful judicial review quashing first inquest (see above)

5.3 Acting for local authority in inquest involving death of pedestrian hit by a bus whilst lawfully on a pedestrian crossing controlled by traffic signals partly obscured by works being carried out on behalf of utility company

6. Estates/probate/ validity of wills:

6.1 Wills – fraudulent calumny – acting for beneficiary in application for permission to appeal judgment holding will invalid because procured by beneficiary’s fraudulent calumny – elements of fraudulent calumny: Christodoulides v Marcou [2017] EWHC 2632 (Ch)

7. Forfeiture proceedings:

7.1 Forfeiture proceedings: acting for widow, successfully defending claim brought by family of deceased alleging widow murdered deceased in hit-and-run incident in Ukraine, thereby forfeiting any right to his estate –

7.1.1 ultimate dismissal of proceedings (click here for article).

7.1.2 compelling family to bring the forfeiture claim (click here for article).

7.1.3 compelling family to prune of points of claim: Gregory v Moore Gregory v Moore [2019] EWHC 566 (Ch) (20 February 2019)

7.1.4 admissibility of opinion evidence

8. Property Law;

8.1 Acting for Defendant hotelier successfully resisting injunction without notice – dispute between two adjacent trading businesses – defendant’s interference with easement preventing access through its premises – injunction obtained without notice/temporary obstruction – alternative solution – Shelfer guidelines- Brothers Enterprises Ltd v New World Hospitality UK Ltd [2017] EWHC 2455 (Ch) (11 August 2017)

8.2 Transfer of land – Presumed undue influence; lack of independent legal advice -rebuttal of presumption – academic appeals: acting for claimant seeking permission to appeal judgment: Christodoulides v Marcou [2017] EWHC 2691 (Ch)