Areas of Practice

John deals with a very wide range of problems across the Common-law/Chancery divide. The former include claims involving:

  1. commercial and contractual disputes
  2. professional negligence
  3. general torts (conspiracy, trespass, false imprisonment and actions against the police)
  4. defamation
  5. telecommunications
  6. insurance
  7. human rights
  8. review/public law
  9. construction

The latter include cases involving:

  1. banking
  2. partnership
  3. pensions and trusts
  4. property issues (commercial landlord and tenant, possession actions)
  5. directors’ disqualification
  6. insolvency (both corporate and individual)
  7. constructive trusts, cross-border fraud and tracing
  8. administration actions

For examples of the above work please refer to Reported English Cases and Reported New Zealand Cases.

He also receives instructions in a number of criminal cases at trial and appellate level. The latter are mainly appeals from the Caribbean, involving capital penalties (see Pro Bono).